Revolutionary technology is defined by its ability to create a paradigm shift in its industry. IntelliHVAC does just that.While HVAC systems have made progress over the past few decades, there are still a few distinct opportunities to improve their overall operation and efficiency. IntelliHVAC is a dual microprocessor that retrofits to most existing central air HVAC systems.  The technology contains both a variable post-purge fan control and compressor cycle functions that work together to create a significantly more efficient operational environment within the system.

IntelliHVAC operates in both heating and cooling modes and delivers energy savings ranging 10 – 30% depending on season.  In addition to energy savings, compressor cycles are also reduced which translates into both maintenance savings and longer equipment life.

The core of the IntelliHVAC technology is one that has been studied and proven across the industry and by numerous major utilities.  Several HVAC manufacturer’s are even starting to include lesser versions of it into their latest models.  IntelliHVAC takes this technology one step further with its compressor cycle function and ensures that the system is optimized with regard to the relationship between fan and compressor. Given that HVAC constitutes 50-60% of the total energy expense, retrofitting IntelliHVAC represents a significant opportunity.