Anti-Sweat Heater Door Control utilizes a digital moisture sensor to activate the anti-sweat heaters only when the threat of moisture is present. The ASHDC controller is mounted in the inside of the walk-in cooler, out of sight of customers. The maintenance free operation of the ASHDC-MT controller has a sensitivity slide switch to maximize savings while assuring sweat-free doors year round.


Built-in to assure that all areas of the display case remain sweat, frost and ice free. The PMC activates the heaters for 15 minutes, once every three hours. Manufacturers of glass display doors recommend that anti-sweat heaters do not remain off for long periods of time. Sweat, frost and ice can build up in areas such as mullion chambers, electrical raceways, door gaskets, etc., if heaters are not activated and remain on for at least 15 minutes.

In addition, the PMC has been engineered with “random start” technology, assuring that the PMC will cycle at different times on different cases, even if there is a loss of power. The “random start” technology also assures that the ASHDC Anti-Sweat Heater Door Control System will capture significant demand savings on your anti-sweat load.