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Commercial Products - IntelliHVAC

Ecostella offers several unique energy efficiency technologies for the commercial market. These products have all been proven over more than a decade and have been installed by some of the most notable brands in the US and around the world. There is also a common theme with these technologies in that they are all simple, affordable, effective and carry a 12-month return on investment.

IntelliHVAC is a dual microprocessor technology that easily retrofits to any existing central air HVAC system. It contains both an intelligent-variable-can-control and compressor cycle functions that work together to create a significantly more efficient environment within the system. IntelliHVAC operates in both heating and cooling modes and delivers energy savings ranging 10 – 30%. Given that HVAC constitutes 50 – 70% of the total energy expense, this represents a significant opportunity.
In addition to energy savings, compressor cycles are also reduced which translates into both reduced maintenance and extended equipment life.
IntelliHVAC was developed based on a major utility study which found that all HVAC systems lose approximately 30% of the energy they create. The reason is that the manufacturers’ post purge setting is often times not long enough to capture all of the energy that has been created by the unit. That latent energy then dissipates outside and is lost.

Guaranteed to Reduce Energy Costs 10 – 30%

Reduces Compressor Cycles by 20%

Prevents Wear and Tear

Extends Life of Equipment

12-Month ROI

Reduced CO2 Emissions – Go Green!

Lifetime Warranty