The ecostella product is an energy efficiency control system for residential HVAC units.  Unlike smart thermostats that only program temperature settings based on your schedule, ecostella enhances your HVAC unit’s operational efficiency.

The technology isn’t new.  In fact it’s been used in commercial applications by some of the biggest brands for close to ten years and is just now available residentially. 

Ecostella optimizes your HVAC fan to ensure that it captures all of the energy from the coil and gets it into your home.  It also maintains your home’s temperature longer which delays the next time your systems needs to turn on. This decreases overall run-time and energy usage.  Ecostella’s secondary function turns off your compressor when your HVAC system’s coil is fully energized, eliminating unnecessary run-time and energy usage. It does all of this without ever compromising your comfort and without taking any of your time.  No complicated installation process, no programming, no updating, no hassle. Just guaranteed savings that last year after year.

Ecostella Inc is an energy technology and services company based in Scottsdale, AZ.  Our core product is the ecostella residential HVAC energy efficiency control which is a technology that’s been used in the commercial market for close to a decade and modified to fit the needs of residential environments.

Ecostella.  Home Efficiency.  Better.

How Stella Works

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Installing Your Stella

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Ecostella’s technology was developed based on utility studies that were done by the California Energy Commission along with several participating utility companies.  These studies found that your HVAC systems lose energy every day simply because the manufacturer’s settings are for one set period of time and doesn’t always run allow your fan to run long enough.  This refers to the post purge cycle which is about 90 seconds after every cycle. Every time your thermostat “satisfies” (reaches the desired set point), the system turns off and the fan in your air handler runs for about 90 seconds in order to capture the energy created and push it into your house.  

The inefficiency is that there are many times when 90 seconds of fan run-time is not long enough and the “latent energy” – energy still contained in the coil is lost.  Ecostella helps to solve this inefficiency by putting a variable timing mechanism on the fan and changing the length of time it runs based on the amount of time your outdoor unit runs.  This ensures that you capture all of the energy that you’ve paid for. This will in turn maintain your indoor temperature longer and delay the next time your system needs to turn on. Studies have shown that this saves anywhere between 8-15% year-round.  

During the summer-time when your HVAC system works the hardest, ecostella will turn the compressor  in your outdoor unit off when it can and save you even more money. Every time your system has run long enough that it is holding all the energy it can, ecostella will turn it off and only run the fan for the same length of time.  Since the compressor uses 8-15 times more energy than the fan, this means big savings. In fact, during the summer months, savings have been shown to be 20-30%!

Intelligent Home Efficiency

Save up to $300 A Year

Extend the life of your HVAC system

Get Your Money Back in one year

Works with any HVAC System*

*Inverter and mini-split units not compatible