Stella Energy Purchasing


Life is busy and with so much to do who has the time to call around and find the best energy rates?  Ecostella has you covered with its deregulated energy purchasing – AutoPilot platform. Just upload your energy bills and let us take care of the rest.  No worry, no hassle, no risk. Our platform will automatically move you in and out of energy contracts guaranteeing annual energy cost savings even if it means placing you with the utility.  You pay nothing unless we save you money.

You could save hundreds of dollars a year with the peace of mind that you always come first.  Just set it and forget it! Our AutoPilot platform is smart technology with a relentless customer focus.  We work for you. Our system acts like the smartest retail energy customer in the market, but with the benefits and scale of being with tens of thousands of retail customers.

Available Service Areas