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Commercial Products - EnerG²

Ecostella offers several unique energy efficiency technologies for the commercial market. These products have all been proven over more than a decade and have been installed by some of the most notable brands in the US and around the world. There is also a common theme with these technologies in that they are all simple, affordable, effective and carry a 12-month return on investment.

EnerG² reduces energy consumption and compressor cycles in walk-in coolers and freezers by providing a more accurate means of temperature measurement through a specialized gel compound that simulates the food product temperature instead of the air temperature which fluctuates with more volatility. It retrofits to the existing thermostat air probe and requires no additional maintenance.

Guaranteed to Reduce Energy Costs 15 – 30%

Reduces Compressor Cycles by 40 – 60%

Extends Life of Equipment

12-Month ROI

Reduced CO2 Emissions – Go Green!

Lifetime Warranty

The technology of EnerG² is based on the fact that food and beverage products contain significantly differently thermal properties than air.  This means that their temperatures rise and fall at different rates and at different intervals.  This causes inefficiency in operation because typical measurement is of the environment (air) and not the actual food and beverage product.  Air, having very little density, fluctuates with more volatility thereby causing the coolers to engage in cooling cycles unnecessarily, while EnerG² simulates the stable temperature curve of food product and allows the cooler to operate only when it needs to. This not only reduces energy consumption by 15-25% but also compressor cycles by 40-60%.

What Others are Saying About EnerG²

“I was impressed with the EnerG² technology from the beginning, but to have our Food Safety Director, General Manager, and Executive Chef sign off on it as well is a true testament to the effectiveness of the technology. We are looking forward to installing EnerG² in all three locations here at Disney and have no doubt that our other locations around the country will follow suit.”
Michael, Facilities Manager – Rainforest Café.

“I wanted to write to you and the Madison Energy Group to tell you how delighted we are to be working with you. The recent performance of EnerG² in our stores has been consistent with the pilot tests and we are currently saving a little over 20% on our energy cost per month. I believe that EnerG² is a solution that will be widely accepted in our organization.”
Joel, Owner/Operator – McDonalds

“We have been very pleased with EnerG²’s performance. We were especially impressed with the simplicity of the EnerG² technology and the short- term Return on Investment. We believe that this technology could very well become a standard for our franchises across the board.”
Don, Owner/Operator -Sonic