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Commercial Services – Energy Procurement

Stella Power’s commercial platform leads the deregulated energy procurement industry with its contract and pricing options as well as other competitive features. Our platform software moves your account in and out of contracts with various suppliers always ensuring the best energy rates. Beyond procuring the best rates and contracts, Stella Power automatically conducts Rate Checks on your behalf using RateLogic. A Rate Check with RateLogic is the process of requesting pricing from our Supplier Marketplace using your energy billing data and contract preferences as the scope of the bid for the suppliers to provide their best price for all requested terms, with the RateLogic algorithm recommending the best pricing solution to the end-user in the form of a digital Rate Check Report on their customer dashboard.

Automatic Rate Checks are done on a monthly or quarterly basis, the results of which are reported to you, so you always know where you stand in the market.

Transparency – Every commercial client of Ecostella is given access to Ecostella’s platform to view their accounts and activity.

Fee – Our platform and services come at NO CHARGE to you. We are compensated by the suppliers

Our Guarantee – Ecostella will ALWAYS get you the best rates even if it means putting your contract back with the public utility. Our priority is making sure

Stella Power operates in all deregulated states and has over 90 different suppliers bidding on your electricity and natural gas accounts.

  1. Peace of Mind knowing your energy rates, usage, and bills are being effectively managed and optimized
  2. No overhead ensures that you are not overcharged for sub-optimal services. Unlike traditional energy brokers that only give you a fraction of their time, this technology works around the clock
  3. Unbiased service constantly looking for better buying opportunities and automatically switching you to the best energy option when applicable
  4. High-performing and well-designed application guarantees an unparalleled and effortless user experience

Commercial Services – Utility Recovery

It is not only possible but very likely that you have been incorrectly billed on one or more of your utility accounts.  Experts estimate that there are approximately $8 billion in inaccurate charges in the U.S. alone.  These inaccuracies can result from a variety of errors; the results which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars over time. Ecostella’s Utility Recovery service verifies the accuracy of your billing, finds costly mistakes and obtains credits/refunds on your behalf.  All of this is done on contingency so there is never any upfront cost to you!

Our Main Focus Areas:


Auditing utility invoices can be a complicated process. Ecostella’s team of expert auditors review past utility invoices and locate errors such as incorrect rate plans, incorrect tariffs, missed adjustments from prior estimations, etc., thus creating the opportunity for refunds or credits back to you.

Once complete, a detailed report will be generated with all supporting documentation necessary. Madison’s lead auditor then presents this information to the utility on your behalf and pursues the refunds and credits that are due.


After we identify and resolve the reasons for past incorrect billing, not only can we expect those savings to continue from then on, Madison has the tools to negotiate lower rates in deregulated markets on your behalf, at no cost to you. This creates multiple layers of savings that you can carry into the future; savings that will directly affect your bottom line.

Commercial Services – Contract Negotiation

You’re in the business of running your business and most likely don’t have the time to renegotiate vendors contracts or follow up to make sure you’re getting the best pricing. Ecostella has your back with its Contract Negotiation service.

Our team of seasoned negotiators work on your behalf and do all the heavy lifting. We contact your vendors, working to make sure you’re getting the best possible rates and discounts, process any paperwork, and monitor the accounts to make sure you get what you’re promised.

3 Simple Steps

  1. Send Us Your Bills/Contracts
  2. We Negotiate the Deal
  3. We Monitor and Guarantee Your Results

We don’t get paid unless we get you results! All of our work is contingency based. Our fee is based on the savings we achieve for you. We don’t charge a nickel unless you save a dime.

Types of Contracts We Negotiate